Complexity of an ERP

An ERP project is a highly complex structure that requires multiple skills to implement successfully hence the requirement for strategic alliances.

“Strategic alliances are formed when neither party has the expertise to achieve their goal alone and so share and develop linked and common processes to increase the performance of both companies and thereby achieving a common aim. “ APICS

Once these key relationships have been forged the project team will act in an overseeing role to achieve the main objective of setting up these alliances is to deliver a successful ERP project.To cope with this additional complexity of the project landscape an ERP project manager needs to have strong leadership skills and needs to be able to make a strong connection with the project members. During the course of the ERP project the project manager uses these skills to get the support of the project team members.

“A unified team is in a better position to prevent conflict that can arise from stressful situations within the project. “Buchanan