To apply the theory of ERP project management within an SME the project team needs to follow a systematic approach that covers all the relevant processes required by the organisation. This approach is known as following formal project management methodology and has four phases namely Concept,Development,Implement and Close Out.


At SME Project Management Services we use the methodology framework  within these projects by applying different project management tools and techniques that  include a high level of involvement from the Project Team when it comes to conceiving, developing, implementing and closing out the project.

“If project managers lead projects in isolation, it is unlikely that those projects will ever serve the needs of the organization.” Schwalbe

Hence the need for the systems approach in a SAP Business One Project  this requires that project managers view their projects in the context of the larger organisation and take an holistic approach to the project.  Projects operate as part of a system and involve uncertainty therefore it is good practice to divide projects into several phases.