Close Out Phase

SME Project Management Services has found in the norm of ERP projects that the project team recognised the fact that the success of the project would be decided by the expectations of the stakeholders.

“Customer expectations directly relate to customer satisfaction and that these degrees of satisfaction relate to how the project team has delivered on the expectations of the stakeholder”. Young

SME Project Management Services believes that there is a correlation between the outcome of an ERP project and the  performance of the project members during the course of this project. In most cases this performance measurement is difficult to prove as most of the project members were spread across different departments . Another difficulty experienced by  project managers in assessing the performances of the team members is to understand what their circumstances were.

“The project manager should understand the team members and their working environment to understand what they hope to gain by working on the project,this process will assist the project manager in selecting an appropriate reward for the team members who have excelled during the project.” Young

One of the risks when the projects draws to a close is called Project drift and this occurs when the team lets the pressure off the control system as the end approaches. In the context of an ERP project this is often the time when the stakeholder will try and add some functionality to the system normally using the last project draw as an incentive. SME Project Management Services found that this  syndrome was experienced on many ERP Projects as the users lost focus toward the end of the project; this was probably due to the project running over the time allocated.

To complete the Close Out closing meetings need to be held with the project teams and it is advisable to complete  a closing survey to measure the project results. All the sign-off documents created during the implementation need to be verified in the final closing meeting and the snag list needs to be closed. The final stage of the close-out  is to hand to projects over to the support team this was done by providing  the customers with extensive support documents, Standard Operations and support training.