MIPE Principle

At SME Project Management Services we have experienced first hand that  Psychological issues will affect how people work and how well they work including their motivation,influence and power and effectiveness we call this the MIPE Principle.

In order for any ERP Project to be succesful the project management team needs to have a keen understanding of the MIPE principle and how it can be best used to bring about a succesful project conclusion after all

“People Make Projects Successful”


There are two types of motivation namely intrinsic motivation which causes people to participate in an activity for their own enjoyment and Extrinsic motivation which causes people to do something for a reward or to avoid penalty. Based on this you could probably say that most people work for Extrinsic motivation in that we work for a salary and are motivated by commissions and bonuses. During ERP Project work within an SME it may not be feasible to use this type of Extrinsic motivation as the project itself will be placing a financial burden on the company and there will not be the budget for additional payroll expenses.

Drawbacks of Extrinsic motivation: Not Sustainable,Diminishing Returns and it hurts Intrinsic Motivation by removing peoples inate desire to do well within their project community

At SME Project Management Services we encourage the SME’s to use as much intrinsic motivation as possible and we use our experience when project planning to make sure that the project participants are compensated financially for any additional hours spent working.


Influence is not normally associated with a ERP Project, however we at SME Project Management Services believe the this is a major contribution to project success.

“Influence is the power to sway or affect based on prestige, wealth, ability, or status”  Webster’s Dictionary

So in actual fact Influence could be classed as Leadership and it is a known fact that strong leadership is essential for a successful project outcome.


Whenever I see the word power I can’t help being reminded about the following Quote:

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton

So what he actually is trying to say that it is okay to have the power over men as this is required for leadership but don’t let this power go to your head. SME Project Management Services understands that  in the ERP Project environment this power will need to be used but this must be done constructively without a negative influence on the project and the project team. Quick Informed decisions will enhance the successful outcome of the project but they come with the onus of responsibility and project members need to live and die by this decisions even when they may seem incorrect at the time.


“Effectiveness within the context of a project is  the measured ability of the project members in the completion of their project tasks.”

This effectiveness has a direct influence in the outcome of the project, part of the value proposition of SME Project Management Services is to enhance this effectiveness of the project members by using a variety of project management tools and techniques.