Project Management Team

SME Project Management Services Ltd would like to highlight  the fact that projects cannot be run in isolation and demonstrates that a successful ERP project implementation culminates in the creation of a successful team.

“By effectively using inter-party coordination devices a company can prevent conflict breaking out.” Buchanan

We believe team is a psychological group whose members share a common goal which they pursue collaboratively. Members can only exceed or fail as a whole, and all share the benefits and costs of collective success or failure. A successful team is one which has faced adversity during the project’s lifecycle and has been strengthened by its ability to manage the risks experienced during the project implementation.

In order for teams to be successful they normally require organisation which is provided by the project manager who will be ultimately responsible for the success or failure of the project.

” The use of a professional project manager will improve the chances of a project not failing by 12%. ” Standish Group