Small Business Software

Choosing Small Business Software is probably one of the most important decisions that the management team of a growing business will ever make.

Going forward the outcome of this decision will have a direct influence on the future success of the business.

At SME Project Management Services we understand the importance of making the correct choice when it comes to choosing business software and with this in mind we have specialized in SAP Business One which is a ”Best of Breed” software and is scaleable.

SAP is a safe bet when choosing a new system to go for  especially the offering for Small to Medium Enterprises SAP Business One, not only do you benefit from the worldwide experience of SAP Global but you benefit from a strong local UK and Ireland Community.

The B1 Usability Package (B1UP) is an award-winning solution designed to enable you to customize and automate SAP Business One effortlessly.

XRAY Warehouse Management System is a plug-and-play warehouse management system for SAP Business One.

SMEPMS provides the following Software:

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