Professional Services

Our Team is Multinational and we currently have 2 Full Time Developers, 1 Support Technician, 1 Admin Staff and 2 Senior SAP Consultants with over 20 years SAP Business One Experience together.

As our helpdesk is staffed by Developers/Consultants in most cases we can problem solve personally and faster rather than call centres which are normally staffed with low pay operators. It also means that customisation requests can be met more quickly. Plus it’s easy to get to speak to the company owner if need be.

On our bench we also have access to a group of Freelance Consultants who have been working with us for the past 8 years and can be trusted to provide the highest level of project Delivery.


●     API’s (Connection to SAP by third Party API’s)

●     B1 Usability Pack (Configuration and Dashboard Configurations)

●     Bespoke Software (Bespoke Add-ons for SAP Business One)

●     Business Process (Agendas, Blueprints, Best Practice Procedures and System Audits)

●     Consulting Services (Consulting Services both Onsite and Remote)

●     Crystal Report Writing (Crystal Reports for SAP Business One)

●     Integration Services (Integration via B1i Integration Framework)

●     Lumira (Training and Report Configuration)

●     Project Management  (Design, Planning,Management,Scoping,Risk analysis and Epic Structure)

●     SAP Business One Support (Support via Telephone and Ticketing System)

Software Implementation (SAP B1 Implementation Services)